Murom benefactors presented gifts to children

The Rustekhnologii Murom enterprise continues the good tradition of charitable gifts to children. They give a festive mood to those who need it most urgently.

This gray December morning became really good for the guys. And even if instead of a sleigh with reindeer there is a modern car, but in the boxes there are real surprises.

Victoria Orlova, Assistant to the General Director of United Company Rustekhnologii Murom LLC:

- “Rustekhnologii Murom” company and personally the founder of the company, Mr. Ma Deming, have been helping orphanages, shelters, boarding schools for several years. May all wishes come true in the new year and all the dreams of these children come true, and we will be happy to bring a piece of warmth and joy into their lives.

For all children, the New Year is a time of fairy tales and miracles. And especially for these. They already know that on New Year's Eve friends will definitely come to them.


- Hello, New Year's holiday, the holiday of the Christmas tree and winter. Today we will invite all our friends to the Christmas tree.

Alexander Tushin:

- It's great that we are given such gifts. We are very happy, thank you.

Tatiana Gorelaya, Director of the State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Special (correctional) educational boarding school about. Murom:

- The company "Rustekhnologii" gave us such an honor and gave the children sweet gifts for the first time, for which we are grateful. In total, we have 397 children in our school, and today we received 400 gifts from this organization. Our children will be very, very happy.

Next on the list is the Baby House. Here babies need hygiene products more than sweets and chocolates: creams, napkins, diapers. Only the best and proven. In total, the company has four charitable points.

Tatyana Maslennikova, deputy. Head of the Murom District Administration, Head of the Education Department of the Murom District:

- For the second year we have been working closely with the Rustekhnologii enterprise, and they help us not only with New Year's gifts, but also, in general, help to strengthen the material resources of schools and kindergartens, for which we are very grateful.

In addition to the pupils of the boarding school and the orphanage, the company "Rustekhnologii Murom" helps children from large, low-income and disadvantaged families. They are convinced that no child should be left without a gift on a holiday.