Galvanized steel with textured finish

Zinc coated stainless steel sheets have a high level of strength and durability and are widely used in many industries. To enhance these properties, a polymer coating is applied to the sheets, which additionally protects the metal surface from mechanical damage, corrosion, and exposure to harmful substances. However, many projects require not only the strength of the material, but also an aesthetic appearance.

Textured coatings based on polyester, polyurethane and plastisol have a wide color palette according to the RAL catalog and a variety of textures that imitate the surfaces of stone, wood and other natural materials. They are often used in the construction of facades and fences, roofing.

  • 1 pickling line for hot rolled metal coils
  • 2 reversible cold rolling mills
  • Capacity: up to 40 thousand tons per month, 480 thousand tons per year
  • Thickness: 0.18-1.5mm

How the coating process works

The creation of galvanized steel with a textured finish consists of several steps.

First, the finished steel sheets are annealed, cooled and lowered into a galvanic bath, where they are electrolyzed. As a result, a thin zinc film forms on the surface of the steel.

Next, the surface is passivated to protect the zinc layer from corrosion. After this procedure, the metal becomes roughened for a stronger bond with the future polymer coating. The front side of the sheet is primed, and then a polymer coating is applied to it. This laborious process requires constant monitoring and complex processing.

Types of textured coatings

Let's take a look at some of the most popular textured coatings that not only protect the metal surface, but also make the product more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Ecosteel. Premium coating with a high-quality decorative layer 30 microns thick, imitating the surface of natural stone, wood, brick. Differs in resistance to any atmospheric influences.

Matgranit LUX. Not only beautiful, but also reliable, with enhanced protective properties. It is widely used for cladding and construction of durable roofs. The thickness of the paint reaches 35 microns, the textured coating is steel with a velvety surface, has excellent color fastness.

Cloudy. The coating visually imitates aged ceramics. The paint and special additives are applied in two stages, which provides the coating with increased hardness and resistance to direct sunlight. The color of the product does not change during the entire service life, which is over 30 years.


The material with such advantages is widely used in many industries, including architecture, automotive, design, helping to bring the most interesting ideas to life. But the main field of application for galvanized steel sheets with textured coating is still in construction, where they are used.

  • when carrying out roofing, facade and finishing works;
  • in the manufacture of various fences and metal structures;
  • when decorating shop windows, escalators, elevator cabins, etc.

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  • polymer coating protects the sheets from direct sunlight and ensures the color fastness of the material;
  • galvanized steel with a textured coating has a high hardness that protects the surface from mechanical damage (scratches, chips, abrasions);
  • coating gives the material additional protection against corrosion and combustion;
  • textured coating is excellently resistant to adverse weather conditions, as well as chemical damage;
  • textured coating imitates natural materials at a new technological level;
  • the material does not contain harmful and toxic substances, is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment
  • wide choice of color palette expands the scope of products from textured steel;