Color coated galvanized steel

Galvanized steel has good characteristics and is used in a significant number of industries, from the construction industry to the automotive industry, the manufacture of elements of drainage systems, fences and fences. But if you cover galvanized steel sheets with polymer compounds, they will not only be more versatile, but also more durable, reliable, retain their appearance longer and last for many years.

The choice of the type of material coating depends directly on the area in which this or that product will be used, on the external environment and direct purpose.

More often rolls of galvanized steel with a polymer coating are used in roofing works, in the manufacture of metal tiles and corrugated board. A special polymer coating protects steel sheets from corrosion, adverse environmental influences, and also gives an aesthetic appearance. Also, these products are used in the automotive industry and, in addition to the above qualities, have sound insulation, resistance to temperature changes, physical influences and resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Manufacturing material
The coating of steel sheets is often a plastic film on a pre-brushed and primed surface. The applied film itself is based on high molecular weight compounds, formed during the application of liquid primers and protective enamels under the influence of hot or cold drying. A decorative paint and varnish coating is applied on top from one or both sides, then it is dried in an oven with subsequent cooling.

Polyester is currently the most popular and widespread coating for creating a polymer film on the surface of galvanized metal. It is considered the most resistant to corrosion, can be used for construction or production of products for any climatic zone, and, importantly, has a low cost. Galvanized polyester has a coating thickness of only 30 microns, which allows it to remain plastic, not lose color, but remain strong even in the most difficult temperature conditions.

Matte polyester, just like ordinary polyester, is produced on the basis of polyester, but unlike the first, it has a matte surface, not a glossy one. The service life of such a material is higher, as is the color fastness, it is possible to imitate natural materials.

The company offers to purchase high-quality coiled steel with a polymer coating at affordable prices. Delivery throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. For all questions, please call +7 (49234) 3-68-90 or leave a request on our website.

Plastisol is one of the most durable coatings, with a thickness of approximately 0.2 mm. It is the most resistant to mechanical and atmospheric damage, but is inferior in resistance to temperature and loses color faster.

The advantage of polyurethane coating is that it is more resistant to UV rays, chemicals and many acids, making it versatile for use in all industries.

Our company has 3 automatic lines for polymer coating, with a capacity of up to 23 thousand tons per month, which is 276 thousand tons per year. We produce galvanized steel sheets with a polymer glossy and matte finish with the following parameters:

  • width 600 - 1250 mm;

  • thickness 0.18 - 0.8 mm;

  • palette - according to the RAL classic catalog, from 5 tons;

  • double-sided painting.