LLC United Company RusTechnologies is a modern plant for the production and sale of steel wholesale, operating since 2013. An enterprise with an area of 10 thousand square meters, equipped with powerful high-tech equipment, located in the city of Kovrov, Vladimirskaya region. It is engaged in the manufacture of galvanized products with aluzinc and polymer coated. The plant is one of the largest domestic industries represented in this segment.
Five-day work week
Friendly staff
Complete social package
Convenient location
In our company you can buy galvanized steel for general use, for cold forming or painting. Due to its high technical and operational properties, as well as simple and quick installation, this material is in demand today in many areas. Sheet metal rolling, made by cold-rolled technology, used in petroleum, energy, automotive, chemical, construction industries, as well as in the equipment of railways and rural farm.

The production process of galvanized steel today it is one of the leaders in the supply of galvanized steel. But activity our corporation is much broader and covers the entire range of rolled metal products. At the same time, everyone understands that we still have room to grow, and we are very actively developing in the most varied directions.

In order to secure steel products and give them additional protection from external factors, our company uses different compositions and polymer coatings. A similar products have long established themselves, since, besides everything, they have amazing decorative properties and is able to decorate any place.