Galvanized steel coil

Galvanized coils are produced from pre-fabricated cold-rolled carbon steel coils, pre-passed through shafts and cleaned.

Galvanized steel coils have unique technical properties and are widely used in many industries, especially where resistance to atmospheric corrosion, special strength and durability is required.

The thickness of such a roll varies from 0.3–2.5 mm with a strip width of 100–150 cm.

Zinc coating can be applied to one side of the sheet or both.

2 hot-dip galvanizing units with a capacity of up to 40 thousand tons per month, 480 thousand tons per year.

  • Width: 600 – 1250 mm
  • Thickness: 0,18-1,5 mm
  • Zinc coating layer: до 275 gr/m2
Before applying a zinc layer to fix the desired characteristics of the material, sheet metal first undergoes an annealing procedure, and then it is cooled.

The rolls prepared in this way are dipped into an electroplating bath, where the electrolysis process is started. The thinnest zinc film formed on the surface of iron protects it from oxidation in contact with water and oxygen, from corrosion, and increases the service life of the material. Galvanized steel sheets do not need to be repaired or replaced for years.

The protective properties of the material can be enhanced by applying special polymers or powder coating to the surface.

There are two powerful hot-dip galvanizing units in our workshops, thanks to which we have brought the volume of product output to 40 thousand tons per month, which is 480 thousand tons per year.

Long galvanized steel products have high ductility and corrosion resistance, and are also versatile in machining. These characteristics allow it to be widely used in many areas of industry and provide high demand for enterprises working in the field of construction and agriculture.

Application area
Due to its versatility, galvanized steel in coils is widely used in various fields of activity.

Construction. It is used in the arrangement of the roof, the manufacture of fences and ceilings, the erection of modular buildings, cladding of buildings and structures, as well as for laying ventilation systems, as a basis for the manufacture of pipes, wires, profiles. Galvanized steel is used to make structural elements for sandwich panels, sheathing of heating mains, laying metal tiles and corrugated board, installing drainpipes, etc.

Automotive industry. This material is used to make the front and internal parts of the car body, it is also often used during the repair of the front body parts of trams, buses and trolley buses.

Mechanical engineering and instrument making. Housings of mechanical and electrical equipment, household appliances, metering devices are made of galvanized steel.

United company "RusTechnology" offers for sale high-quality rolled galvanized steel of its own production that meets all the requirements of GOST.

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Zinc coated steel coils have many advantages, including

  • high mechanical strength and durability;

  • inertness to aggressive chemical and thermal influences;

  • resistance to the effects of corrosion and humidity, sudden temperature changes;

  • loyalty to any kind of processing;

  • preservation of protective properties for many years;

  • high plasticity of the material.